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MTB natural trail area

La Thuile Enduros World Series

Funivie Piccolo San Bernardo S.p.A. gives all passionate Mountain Bikers the chance to access the bike trails using the two cable car services available, Bosco Express and the Chalet Express, which transport mountain bikes as well. Buying the International Pass at the cable cars “Yellow-Blue Point”it is possible to access with only one ticket the french cable cars in La Rosière to mountain bike without borders through some of the more picturesque passes such as the Little Saint Bernard Pass (2.188 m).

The MTB Natural Trail Area in La Thuile, location of the fourth leg in the 2014, 2016 and 2018 Enduro World Series, is located in a vast area that goes from an altitude of 2.600m at the feet of the Chaz Dura summit, and descends for over 1.200m to the town of La Thuile, with access to 220 km of paths.

The network of highly natural paths and trails that are in harmony with the surrounding area characterize without doubt the beauty of the landscapes and the strength this environment emits. It is spectacular and reinvigorating view and a pure pleasure to ride through.

Mountain Biking is for everyone

Whoever chooses the MTB Natural Trail Area in La Thuile is treating themselves to an extraordinary traveling companion: the majestic backdrop of Europe’s highest summits, among which stand out Mont Blanc, the Monte Rosa Massif, the Matterhorn and other imposing summits of the Alps.

La Thuile’s trails, a majority of which have been created using antique walking paths in full respect for the environment and the landscape, run through areas with deep historical roots such as the mining district and the Little St. Bernard Pass.

The MTB Natural Trail Area Map in La Thuile indicates all accessible and navigable MTB trails, divided based on the type and level of difficulty. There are signs posted along the path that are designed to help you navigate during excursions.

The MTB Natural Trail Area in La Thuile has been developed to satisfy bikers of all levels and types, and permit bikers a gradual growth and development based on skill and technique.

The large drop in altitude is one of the prominent characteristics of the Trail Area, of which a great majority is accessible using the cables cars which are open from the end of June till the end of August. There are also beautiful roads and mule tracks that lead to hidden places that are truly stunning.

The paths of the Natural Trail Area in La Thuile are categorized as such:

  • Very Easy : indicated on the map in green, the trails are level and free of obstacles, ideal for families or beginners.
  • Easy : indicated on the map in blue, the trails are large and easily navigable but in any case adapted to those who already have a basic knowledge of mountain biking. There are small obstacles and ascents.
  • Difficult : indicated on the map in red, the trails are gravity paths, mainly downhill through woods. To navigate these trails it is necessary to have good steering skills. Natural and artificial obstacles are present.
  • Very Difficult : indicated on the map in black, these trails are highly technical gravity trails that are reserved for expert bikers. They include important altitude drops, they are long, and contain several parts with sharp slopes and full of obstacles.
  • Electric Bikes : indicated on the map in purple, these trails are on asphalt and white roads that move away from inhabited areas and up the slopes of the mountains. They are paths marked as “Electric Bikes: but they can easily be navigated on a normal mountain bike.
  • Transport Vehicles : indicated on the map in yellow, these are white roads that are open to cars, horses, and pedestrians, and which may also be used by bikers to get to another trail, or move to another area of the Bike Area. All bikers are asked to pay careful attention to surroundings and others on these roads.
  • OPENING: 30 June 2018
  • CLOSING: 2 September 2018
TIME TABLE : every day from 9:30 to 17:00

There are many different types of passes available atthe Funivie Piccolo San Bernardo cable cars, among which there is theInternational pass, a single ticket that will allow access to both the Italianand french cable cars of La Rosière.    


The Field School is highly equipped, and managed experts of the La Thuile Mountain Bike School, located in the Planibel zone, close to the departure of the Bosco Express cable car. It is equipped with various paths, among which the introductory structures of the skill park, to develop equilibrium steering and correct position on the bike. This space is enriched by a dual slalom layout and the latest push bike (bikes with pedals) for the smallest riders.

Packages and special MTB formulas are awaiting you to satisfy all of your needs, with the possibility to choose between a few or all of the following options: cable car ticket, bike rental and safety equipment, MTB lessons with experts, access to the pool at the summit, and lunch in mountains.

There are many hotels equipped to welcome bikers and their bikes, with a specialized lab which provides technical assistance and bike washing services to complete the panorama of available services.

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