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Altitude at arrival
Bike Transport
Bosco Express2.4002.088 mt617 mt1.443 mtyes
Chalet Express2.4002.345 mt.261 mt1.374 mtyes

In case of thunderstorms, to guarantee the safety of the passengers, Funivie Piccolo San Bernardo S.p.A reserves the right to stop service without notice.

Gravity Trails in La Thuile

la thuile gravity

A - PROMISEvery easy
1.494 mt69,79 mt4.055 mt*
B - GARINvery difficult2.085 mt601 mt3.700 mt*
C - LA JOUXvery difficult2.300 mt551 mt2.700 mt*
D - LE VOLPIvery difficult2.085 mt601 mt3.411 mt
E - MURETdifficult1.879 mt1379 mt2.460 mt*
F - COMINOtransferndndnd*
H - FLOWeasy
2.339 mt107 mt1.528 mt*
I - FOYERtransfer/E-Bikendndnd*
J - CAMBOGIAvery difficult2.270 mt670 mt3.640 mt*
K - MAISONNEttesvery difficult2.328 mt707 mt4.950 mt*
K2 - PONTEILLESvery difficultnd ndnd *
L - LAGHETTOtransferndndnd*
O - LA POUSAZtransferndndnd*
P - LA TOURdifficult2.350 mt727 mt5.123 mt*
S - TOURIASSEdifficult 1.908 mt444 mt3.025 mt*
S2 - TOMBEAUvery difficult1.860 mt378 mtnd*
T - VERNEYdifficult2.188 mt586 mt6.434 mt

2B - MINIEREeletric bikendndnd*
11 - CHAVANNESeletric bikendndnd*

Trails F - I - L - O: The are TRANSFER segments, one must ride with caution as there are pedestrians, bicyclists, horses, and cars going uphill and there are numerous streams cross the path.

(*) ATTENTION - This course includes asphalted roads and dirt paths open to vehicle traffic.

On all of these trails it is possible to encounter walkers and bikers, so it is recommended that you pay attention

What do to in case of an accident

  1. Cover the wound and apply pressure, protect the wound from possible further damage.
  2. Do not allow the wounded person to drink.
  3. Do not leave the wounded person alone.
  4. Contain the site of the accident
  5. Call for help immediately ⇒ Dialing 112 
    State the place, cause, nature, and gravity of the situation.

Useful Advice

  1. For your own safety stay on the trails indicated on the map, respect the flow of traffic and pay attention to all signs posted on the trails.
  2. Do not overestimate your abilities and limit your speed.
  3. Wear a helmet and safety gear to protect your torso and limbs.
  4. Pay attention and be cautious when passing a hiker or when approaching a hiker, as pedestrians always have the right of way.
  5. Check the condition of your mountain bike and arrange to have a few essential tools or parts with you in case there is need of an emergency repair.
  6. Use mountain bikes that are technically adapted for the difficulty of the trail.
  7. If you are biking by yourself leave information regarding your schedule/plans with someone else.
  8. Respect private property and farms.
  9. Watch out for construction and forest machinery.
  10. Do not collect unknown plants in the forest.
  11. Do not disturb the tranquility of the wild animals.
  12. Be respectful of the environment; throw out your trash in a wastebasket.
  13. Be advised that you participate in this activity at your own risk.



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Valle d’Aosta - Vallée d’Aoste - Italia - Italy
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Mail info@lathuile.it - P.IVA 00657400073

Funivie Piccolo San Bernardo S.p.a.
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Valle d’Aosta - Vallée d’Aoste - Italia - Italy
Tel +39 0165 884150 - Fax +39 0165 884052
Mail info@lathuile.net - P.IVA 00076340074
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