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La Thuile, a town whose history is lost in the centuries

A frontier place which has always had a very important and strategic role. The Little St Bernard pass was a passage among mountains and glaciers, already known in the pre-Celtic period, when the Cromlech was built. But the origin of the village of La Thuile dates back to the Roman Conquest, when the Via delle Gallie consular road completely covered the Valdôtain territory and, through the Alpis Graia, arrived in the borderline areas. In that period the village was called Ariolica: the origin of the term seems to be linked to the Celtic language. In fact “ar” meant rise and “lica” meant light, so that “light on the rise”. After the fall of the Roman Empire, La Thuile was annexed to the reign of the Franks (575). During the X century it became a part of the kingdom of Burgundy and it started to be called Thuilia. During the Middle Age it depended from the kingdom of Savoy, a dynasty founded during the XI century by Umberto I Biancamano, Earl of Valdigne, until the annexation to the Kingdom of Italy (1861). The actual name, La Tchoueuille in patois (the local dialect) dates back to 1760. It was temporary changed in Porta Littoria during the Fascist period. The simple but hard mountain life (breeding and potatoes, rye and oats cultures) profoundly changed when La Thuile, at the end of the 1920s, became a mine village and reached both the top of the exploitation activity and the inhabitants number (almost 1400), right in the postwar period. After that there was a progressive period of decline which lead to the definitive closure of the mining activity in 1966, but tourism was already flourishing: in 1948 the first chairlift was inaugurated. It reached Les Suches and it was the first step to reach the actual reality of a very important and famous skiing area.



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