Piccolo San Bernardo Pass › archaeological site at 2,188 m

Colle del Piccolo San Bernardo Pass

Raises the fascinating archaeological site in the Colle del Piccolo San Bernardo (2,188 m), the SS 26 that connects the Valle d'Aosta to Haute Tarentaise. Right on the border Italy - France (La Thuile and La Rosière on the one hand on the other) is one of the rare stone circles in Italy, of great historical and astronomical a Cromlech (in Celtic Croum "curve" and lech "sacred stone") of 46 stones, stuck vertically into the ground at a distance of 2 to 4 meters and for the most part now covered with debris thousands of years, describing a large circle with a diameter of about 72 meters, the likely period preceltico (3000 BC).

The study, still in progress, have not clarified the function of the Cromlech, although it is very likely that the shape and orientation serve as an astronomical observatory, with a record, the altitude. This prehistoric monument could be linked to other megalithic constructions in Valle d'Aosta, in particular, to a very large area that is located in the city of Aosta.Near the Cromlech, a Gallic temple that, though much later time, testify to the fact that the whole area was a place of worship in ancient times. The Jovis Column, a tall column of porphyry crude now supports the statue of St. Bernard, and Mansio Romana, building on the "Via delle Gallie", guaranteed reception, refreshments and accommodation to travelers and pack animals, testify the importance of this step, already the Roman age.Annulla modificheAlpha

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  • lago verney a 1 km dal colle
  • Ospizio al Colle del Piccolo S.Bernardo a 2188 m, passo alpino, La Thuile Valle d'Aosta
  • Statua di S. Bernardo al Colle del Piccolo S. Bernardo, la Thuile valle d'Aosta



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